What are WordPress Permalinks?

You may have seen them in WordPress when you have been navigating the “Settings” menu of WordPress.

Listed as:

  1. Plain
  2. Day and name
  3. Month and name
  4. Numeric
  5. Post name
  6. Custom structure

Basically, these are used to configure the way your site uses URLs (Uniform Resource Locator). Or in other words, lets your site use various friendly web page addresses.

For example: This site is “http://wordpresshosting.us.com” and the pages and posts that are show to our visitors are the names of the posts title.
This post is names “What are WordPress Permalinks”. So it makes sense to have a URL address that matches the posts title.

Therefore we have set our Permalinks to use the post tile in the overall URL address.

As you can see above, the website/domain name is in RED and the post title is on BLUE

We achieved this by setting our Permalink to the “Custom structure” in the image below.

You will see the only use the PostName to attach to the end of the Domain URL.

Now here’s the important part. DO NOT Leave your permalink set to the “Default” setting.
It give a horrible URL which visitors with not remember and search engines hate.



The “?p=34″ actually means, Post number 166. Who could easily remember that?

Remember, it is in your best interest to keep the same permalink structure once your website has launched.

Not at all Friendls!

Kaitlyn Morin explains what are WordPress Permalinks and then how to configure them to maximize your chances of being remembered and for increasing your chances in ranking high in the search engines.

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